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So long Webosaurs…..

I have been on Webosaurs since August 2009, Beta. I remember logging in for the first time, meeting my first friend, Blueknight. I loved Webosaurs sooo much I went on every day, and decided to start blogging. I started Duksters Blog, but then got some good authors(and good friends) like RedBlue(my best author), RandomLOL(A very nice dino), and Dsung(One of my best friends). I then decided to change the name to The Webosaurs Bloggers. But then we all lost a great friend, Rex. He was my favorite mod at that time, and we all gave him prairie dogs once and awhile. That hit me really hard. Just today, I found out that Mio is gone, and that ended it. I don’t want to see anybody else I was friends with to go. I don’t regret playing Webosaurs, because it helped me go onto other virtual worlds. I have now moved on to other worlds. I believe that Webosaurs can bring me back, but it might take a while. I will probably still go on the forums a bit, and possibly go on Webosaurs once a month. If I have anybody to blame for Webo going down, I would have to blame ReelFX. ReelFX made Flyboy release Webosaurs Rise of Spike before it was completely ready. I was released in late September or early October 2011 when it should have been released around April 2012. I’m not saying goodbye, this is just so long….

For the last time, this is Dukster, signing off.

I will leave this blog open for memories.

PS: I might do Dukster Stories yet, if you guys want me too. This is my 695th post.


Cave update

Hey guys! I checked my cave today and found this update!

This is better than the old cave icon I think. They did great on making this!


Weekend training

Hey guys! This weekends training is Dino Match!

Now you would wonder why we could have to do a memory game instead of target practice. Well, if you remember Spike and Okvangos moves, you can predict what happens. If Spike goes to the left, Okvango could go to the right or jump up. Remembering your opponents attacks can help you win the car that you have. Now here’s the predicted times on when Spike will come.

Friday: 5:00(17:00) PM CST

Saturday: 12:00 and 2:00(14:00) PM CST

Sunday: 12:00 and 2:00(14:00) PM CST.

Good luck!


Bugs getting fixed!

Hey guys! I’m back(for a bit) to tell you that some bugs are fixed!

Well, the profile is fixed, so now I don’t have to be a pterry anymore! 😀 Also the friends list is updated, but is buggy if you have alot of friends. And last but not least, the actions are back! Woot! Dancing time!



Hey dinos! Sorry that I have been inactive, but I’ve been busy. I won’t be posting for awhile and I’m looking for someone to help! Please comment on whatever post if you can help post! But you must have a WordPress account! If I don’t get anyone, I might have to quit this blog. 😦


New forum header

Hey dinos! If you have visited the Forum recently, you will see this.

This is AMAZING! Great job to the Artist who made this!


Weekend Parties

Hey dinos! Bad news, Stretch has been taken hostage!

Spike is coming for us! He trying to take webosaurs down, one by one. If we beat Okvango, we get Stretch! If we don’t win…. well…. lets not think that. Spike will be attacking every two hours on:

Friday at 17:00 – 21:00 WST

Saturday between 9:00 – 16:00 WST

Sunday between 8:00 – 12:00 WST

And the thing that I personally don’t like, is that five dinos who make it on the Monster Board most, gets a free item. But those who are In Australia or someplace like that, or those who go to school during then, that stinks.



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